• What is municipality tax? 

      The municipality tax is a 30% excise tax from the Dubai Government that is levied on alcoholic beverages.

  • Do I need to pay Municipality Tax? 

      No, the municipality tax is removed based on the Dubai Government announcement on.

  • Do I need to pay Value Added Tax (VAT)? 

      Yes, all orders are subject to 5% VAT, in compliance with UAE regulations.

  • What does this now mean in terms of the price to consumers? 

      All alcoholic beverages across all MMI stores will now be 30% reduced from the original retail price.

  • As a resident, Do I still need a personal Alcohol Licence to purchase alcohol in Dubai? 

      • Following the recent directives of the Government of Dubai, from 1st January, 2023 a personal Alcohol Licence is now available free of charge to consume alcoholic beverages in Dubai. Valid for 12 months.
      • From 1st January 2023, customers simply need to register with their Emirates ID with no costs involved at their nearest MMI store.
  • Where do I apply if I don’t have a valid Dubai Liquor Licence for a Home delivery? 

      Anyone over the age of 21 can simply apply in any MMI store and will need your valid Emirates ID.

  • As a tourist, how do I purchase alcohol legally? 

      You will simply need to bring your original passport in order to shop at any of our stores.

  • As a tourist, would I need to apply for an alcohol licence online?

      You can apply in any of our 21 MMI stores with your original passport which is valid for 30 days. After 30 days you will need to re-apply again as per the process.

  • Is there a limit on how much alcohol I can buy? 

      Your alcohol spending limit is based on your income generated. Upon approval of your licence application you will be notified of your allowance. [This will be updated in line with new changes to the online application].

  • What do I do with my existing alcohol licence? 

      You may continue to use this licence until it has expired, then you may apply online for a new one.

  • Will my group discount still be valid? 

      Yes, your discount still be valid on all non-promotional items excluding The Macallan, Hennessy and fine wine products.

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